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We believe that people need to be connected in order to function in our world today.
We want to make that connection hassle free, cheap and above all, reliable.
So we make the most advanced, managed networks and provide all the services people want on those networks with pricing, service and customization levels that big-box providers just can't compete with.


Ed Burk

Founder / President

20 years Time Warner

6 years Entrepreneur

Ed started Stellaris Networks after leaving the corporate world behind.  He is an avid gamer and enjoys camping with his kids and Scouting.


Joe Ott

Director of New Business Development

30 years Time Warner

Joe is a national force when it comes to business development.  He has built a solid reputation of honesty and integrity across multiple verticals.  We have yet to run in to an owner or management company who doesn't know Joe.

Joel Ashby, MA

Director of Marketing and Communications

6 years Management Consultant

Joel brings expertise in organizational development and thoughtful development of marketing and communication strategies for Stellaris Networks.


Steven H

Lead Engineer

20 years Dell

He's passionate about high availability infrastructure and web performance!

In his free time you'll find him programming, designing theater lighting, flying planes and creating short films.

Bobbie Y

Customer Support

6 years Apple Support

Bobbie has over 6 years of experience running a variety of different servers.  This has led to a great knowledge of general troubleshooting, plug-in configuration and many more server aspects.  She is hardworking, friendly and enjoys providing quality server support.

Cole S

Field Technician

4 years Time Warner

Cole is here to provide the best support and help as many people as he can.  When he's not assisting others you will normally find him gaming, working on fun computer related projects or exploring the skies with one of his many drones.

Debbie J

Billing Specialist

26 years Applied Logistics

Debbie is an animal lover.  She has been involved with networking servers since 2001 and spends her work days handling support through LiveChat and tickets.  She greatly enjoys poking our technicians with sticks.

 Questions about our company or joining our team?

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